• Monogramming / Hotstamping


    Making something exclusively yours

    We provide monogramming services for hotstamping your company logo, individual names or messages on your leather goods, diary, tags, envelopes, invitation cards, and many more.

    We are also artisans-for-hire as an interactive showcase for your event!




    Event Rental

    Daily rentals

    Rent a Kingsley to add a touch of nostalgia and class to your event. We provide tech support, staff training, and other supplies.

    You'll be the talk of the town.


    Over 10 Kingsley Machines for rental, short-term lease or purchase! Repair and restoration services available.




    Short-term Lease

    Includes staff training

    Lease a Kingsley as an in-house feature in your retail store, or as an interactive display piece. With a fully functional Kingsley, you can provide monogramming services to your clients. We provide tech support, staff training, and other supplies.




    Own a Kingsley Machine

    For your personal or commercial use

    Purchase a working antique that comes with a 1-year warranty, or a non-functioning display piece that looks great in your retail display.




    Repairs & Restoration

    Get your Kingsley back up and running

    If your Kingsley Machine was not procured through us, no worries! We can repair and restore old Kingsley Machines depending on its condition. Just bring your machine in to our clinic for us to make an assessment before giving you an approximate repair/restore quotation. We have machinists and metal fabricators to mill custom parts that may no longer be available. We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to fix all broken Kingsleys, so whether we take on the job will be on a case to case basis.





    Lots of foil colours and types to choose from

    Running out of foils? We have stocks of gold, silver, black, white, neon, glitter, and all the colours of the rainbow. Any specialty colours can be ordered and delivered within 10-14 days.

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